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How long will a felony charge stay in my record?
A felony charge is on your record forever. There are some cases that can removed through a process called expunction. There are regulations you have to meet based on the states requirements before you case can be considered. To learn more about felony charges or if you charge can be expunged you need to contact your criminal defense lawyer.
Rules for search and seizure
The US constitutions 4th amendment is in place to protect you if there is reason for a search or seizure of you or your personal property. Knowing your rights and the process is something a defense lawyer can help you understand.
How do the police know the driver is intoxicated?
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has guideline to help law enforcement predict the drive is intoxicated. There are visual signs or errors while driving that can lead a police officer to pull you over. At that time a breath analyses or blood alcohol test will be given. Here is a small list of errors that may be observed by a police officer prior to being pulled over.

•Difficulty maintaining lane position, including swerving and weaving •Braking and speed problems, such as driving too slow or stopping without warning •Vigilance issues, such as ignoring traffic signals •Poor judgment while driving or during a traffic stop

Law enforcement in trained to help predict the that a driver is intoxicated through NHTSA guidelines, however there is also a set of guideline that law enforcement uses to help determine a driver is not intoxicated too. Keep in mind the penalties may also come from your insurance carrier, higher premiums to denial or continued coverage. A DUI charge can affect you for the rest of your life. Under Age DUI Any person under 21 is considered under age. This is a very serious charge and the state of Colorado has a zero-tolerance policy. The same guidelines are followed to predict intoxication. If any person pulled over for possible DUI refuses to comply with a breath analyses or blood alcohol test will automatically lose their licenses for one year regardless of what the test results are. Do I need to Have a Lawyer with me in Court?


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