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Violent Crimes

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Violent Crimes

A violent crimes conviction in Grand Junction has stiff penalties that having a defense lawyer on your side can be very helpful. Daniel is skilled in the ability to make sure you understand the law and the procedure you may be facing.

Under Colorado Revised Statute Section 18-1.3-406, certain crimes deemed “violent” carry mandatory minimum sentencing. The law ca be very complex, but violent crimes usually include those crimes in which a deadly weapon is used or where serious bodily injury or death results to another person. Typical crimes include, but not limited too:

• murder
• assault
• kidnapping
• robbery
• arson
• burglary

This is one situation that Daniel’s knowledge as a defense lawyer will be very beneficial to you. Having a defense lawyer able to communicate with the prosecutor on your behalf with help develop a good defense strategy. As your defense lawyer, Daniel will be able to assist with any bail hearings, arraignment procedures, preliminary hearings, and trial preparation. If convicted Daniel would be there for that as well. There is no guarantees or promises about a plea bargain or acquittal, but with a skilled defense lawyer Daniel will be able to provide the best service for your case.


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