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DUI (Driving Under the Influence)

Driving Under the Influence of a drug or alcohol is never a good thing. The laws for these charges can change without much public awareness. Having a defense lawyer to ensure your right were not violated, and that you fully understand the charges is a must have.

Daniel is highly qualified to be that lawyer. He will be able to examine every aspect of the event. Looking for any potential weakness in evidence or how the traffic stop was conducted is the beginning to building a defense strategy. Any questionable field sobriety testing and possible faulty chemical testing are also keep elements in building a defense case. Knowing whether you face felony or misdemeanor charges is something a defense attorney can explain to you.

Knowing your rights are very important. Colorado’s Express Consent Law simply means if you are driving on the streets of Colorado, the law presumes you understand and agree to consent to DUI testing. However, there are constitutional protections fore unreasonable stops. This is where Daniel, as your defense lawyer will be of assistance. Law enforcement must have reasonable suspicion of a criminal offence in order for them to legally pull you over.

Reasonable suspicion can have its own challenges depending on the courts definition. Again this is a great place for your defense lawyer to be there with you.

Your choices in a DUI event are yours to make, but be aware of them and the consequences that may come with them. You can choose to have a breath test or a blood test of being pulled over. Refusing to comply with either could cause your license to be suspended. Your rick on year suspension per refusal. Daniel has the current education to help you understand these consequences as these refusals can be held against you in court if your case goes to court.


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