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Criminal Defense Attorney

Daniel R. Shaffer specializes in:

  • DUI's

  • Crimes of Violence

  • Sexual Offenses

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Attorney Profile

Daniel R. Shaffer

Criminal Defense Attorney

Daniel R. Shaffer is a criminal defense attorney specializing in violent crimes, DUI, and sexual assault. Mr. Shaffer truly understands the concept of an individual being innocent until proven guilty, and provides high quality legal representation to his clients.
  • Education

    Daniel R. Shaffer has a keen understanding of the criminal justice system, and knows the devastation that criminal charges can bring to a person’s life. His concern for the rights of the accused and understanding of their circumstances is augmented by his undergraduate background: Mr. Shaffer holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work from the University of Iowa, Iowa, City, IA. Mr. Shaffer received his legal training at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL, earning a Juris Doctor degree in 2004. He held the position of Chief Justice of the Moot Court Board from 2003-04, and was voted Best Oralist, 2nd Place Brief in the Intramural Appellate Competition in 2002.

    Daniel R. Shaffer continues to enhance his legal knowledge through the many trainings he attends. Among his professional affiliations are:

    • National College of Criminal Defense—Graduate June, 2010
    • National College of DUI Defense—2012
    • National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
    • Colorado Criminal Defense Bar
    • Colorado Bar Association
    • Mesa County Bar Association
  • Experience

    Mr. Shaffer has extensive work experience that has enriched his skills as a criminal defense attorney. Since 2008 he has worked as a private attorney, specializing in representing persons accused of violating local, state, and/or federal laws in Western Colorado.

    His Previous work experience includes:
    Attorney, Office of the Colorado Public Defender: Represented indigent persons accused of violating Colorado State penal code in the Seventh Judicial District—November, 2004-March, 2008.

    Law Clerk, Capps Law Firm, Carbondale, IL: Conducted legal research; drafted memos, motions, orders, and subpoenas; and provided office support—October, 2003-May, 2004.

    Office Support, Law Office of Dean Keegan, Iowa City, IA: December, 2001

    Pre-Trial Interviewer, Adult Corrections, Coralville, IA: Conducted daily pre-trial interviews to determine release status and confer with presiding judge; coordinated with County Attorney’s office and law enforcement.

    Batterers Education Group Facilitator, Community Corrections Association, Coralville, IA: Conducted weekly groups for men convicted of domestic assault; coordinated with County Attorney’s office and Adult Corrections—October, 2000-July, 2001.

    Individual and Family Counselor, United Action for Youth, Iowa City, IA: Provided on-going counseling, crisis intervention, and support to at-risk children and families; supported youth in crisis with legal rights, accessing services and managing disputes as a certified crime victim advocate—Sept, 2000-July, 2001.

    Program Director, Lutheran Social Services, Iowa City, IA: Developed, implemented, and coordinated community-based juvenile corrections program for the Juvenile Court of Johnson County; hired, trained, and supervised up to fourteen employees and managed over one-half million dollars in services under various grants and contracts; collaborated with law enforcement, school district administration and education staff, and the County Attorney’s office and other service providers—June, 1997-August, 2000.

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