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Criminal charges have a way of impacting many aspects of your life. Everything from business to personal life styles can suffer and your freedom may be at risk. Having an attorney to help you face criminal charges can be very beneficial. Daniel Shaffer, a criminal defense lawyer, will put his many years of experience and training to work for you. From the time of arrest through out the trial, Daniel will develop a defense strategy for you.

With a consultation and interview, Daniel will carefully review any and all charges that are involved fully. The prosecutor must be able to prove beyond reasonable doubt that charges are valid. Daniels’ job is analyzing the facts that lead to an arrest, any statements provided by witnesses, and all the evidence claiming to support the charges. By researching your background and looking for any questionable or weak information in the prosecutor’s case, Daniel may find reason for dismissal or possible plea agreements. With Daniels’ knowledge and dedication to the criminal justice system, he can develop a strong defense on your behalf.

As part of your defense, Daniel will ensure your constitutional rights are being protected from the initial contact with police, through the arrest process, and with any search and seizures of property. Daniel will be able to communicate with the prosecuting attorney in hopes of finding any viable reason that will strengthen your defense. Having a defense attorney through out the process may help with reduction in charges, sentencing, and even possible dismissal.

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If you are facing criminal charges, it is very important that you have a strong and experienced criminal defense attorney in your corner who will fight for you. Call Daniel R. Shaffer to schedule a consultation today at 970-243-2552.

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